Fighting for Fortunate Fate

What is “fate?”

Fate is what leads us to certain decisions in our lives. I wouldn’t say it controls your life, but it is a term used to describe a mysterious force or supernatural doing that has an impact on each person’s life.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, fate is defined as “The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.” I strongly agree to this.

In my opinion, we have barely any control over our fate. No one does. But what we can control are our decisions through our journey in life that alters how we get to the end, an end that God has planned for each of us, an end we cannot change. Now, how we get there is up to us, and this is what we have control over. For our Creator has given us free will from the first day man ever stood on earth, we are able to make our own decisions that develops our own path towards the end of our lives, and it is a path that consists of a series of events, similar to what fate is defined as.

However, fate is out there for its believers. For some people, the source of faith is still unclear. They think it’s just there in the supernatural world. As Christians, we believe that God has control over our “fate.” Considering that we know the true source of fate, a question still remains: How should we deal with our fate?

Found below is an illustration of a not so fortunate fate.


We can all agree to the fact that we experience a lot of similar things like these in each of our everyday lives.


However, big wins like these seem to only happen to a few lucky people in this world. Might fate choose them to live a happier life than yours?

When our fate is fairly good, God wants to remind us that He’s there to give us the best. Or when you feel like you did something good recently, think of it as a gift or reward from God. However, whenever our fate is considerably bad, maybe God wants to remind us that He is there for us all the time, even when we are not aware, and what he wants is for us to turn to Him in all of our problems. The earthly nature of people nowadays tend to forget about God when they are having fun. Therefore some worse situations will help some of us ask God for the help.

The reason behind why good fate seem to come only to other people is because most people are still not committed to goodness. How is that a good reason? People like those are people who are still not able to deal with obstacles in their life. I think God doesn’t let worse things to come to them because of that reason. As good followers of Christ, Christians are able to deal with more difficult problems, and in my opinion, that is why people who are committed to goodness might experience a worse fate than those who aren’t. People like these can deal with problems better if any comes, and that is somewhat my assumption reason behind the said concept.

Okay, maybe we have a little control over our fate. But I mean really, really little. It is still up to God’s will whether to give it to us or not. All we can do for our best is to ask from Him what we want or need, then just hope we get what we asked for. Some things which seem reasonable for us to get will come to us after a certain amount of time. But as human beings, not all of our desires are for good means, so we might not get all what we want if it is not according to His plan for us.

In comparison to a recent book I read, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, my concept of fate is appreciably similar with this book’s concept about it, written by the famous William Shakespeare. Another book that also agrees to this point of view is the book of Odyssey, written by Homer. Although those two books contrast in terms of supernatural interaction with the real world, the concept of fate portrayed in those two stories apparently agrees that the characters don’t have much control over their fate, however they do have a closer and easier communication with the supernatural beings in their worlds.

In reality though, fate doesn’t actually exist. According to my own judgement, it is a term created and used by people to understand more about the reason behind the “series of events” everyone is experiencing. And the One causing those events that occur in a person’s life is God. God controls what He wants for us, and our free will lets us react freely towards it.

Images have been captioned with the proper source to their origins.




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